Location and microclimate 

We benefit from a hill of 4 hectares on the Montalbano area, with one of the best possible exposures -South/South-West- at 200 meters above sea level, that is perfect for olive trees. The trees have not water stagnation; the Mistral and Tramontane winds, cool and dry, lash our trees, creating a perfect climate. In winter temperatures rarely drop below zero degrees Celsius, and the Padule of Fucecchio Marshlands help mitigate the climate.

The morphology of the Tuscan hills does not allow intensive cultivations. Our production costs cannot be compared to the ones of cultivations in plain, but -on the other hand- this makes possible to produce an olive oil with unique organoleptic characteristics.

In summer our trees suffer moderate drought; this enables the development of huge quantities of polyphenols. In order to protect themselves, in fact, trees increase polyphenols production, that are good to them and good to us in protecting our organism.

At La Cavallina we aim to improve year by year, because the smallest things are the ones really making the difference in olive oil production.