Our Organic Olive Oil

How our olive oil is made

In another section of the website we have talked about oil as “just squeeze of olives”. Our oil is this and much more.

Interaction between cultivar, land, microclimate, human factors

The chemical and sensorial characteristics of an olive oil are the result of a mix of natural and human factors.

We cannot influence some of these factors (climate, land, cultivar) but we can operate with the highest care for improving and orienting what Nature gives us.

In our case, Nature helps us a lot thanks to the particular microclimate of our farm; then, our effort is to work to obtain a healthy and distinctive product.

So many are the choices to take depending on the quality and type of olive oil we aim to produce: how fertilizing and treating; what natural procedures to adopt for increasing biodiversity in our “micro-agricultural-environment” (e.g. supporting healthy bacteria and natural antagonists to fight adversities); when it is best to harvest; how to best manage olives from harvest to pressing…