Our farm

Since 1992 producers of extra virgin olive oil on the sunny slopes of Montalbano, the hills where genius Leonardo da Vinci was born.

A small Agricultural Farm, with about 1,000 olive trees, committed in making high quality olive oil.

“La Cavallina” or “Podere Tramontana”


We have bought our Podere in 1991; in some maps it is named “Podere Tramontana” but for everyone it is “La Cavallina”.

I fell in love with this place, its position and its sunsets. The panorama streches from the Padule di Fucecchio Marshlands to Monte Pisano, from Montevettolini to Monsummano Alto and to Apuan Alps, from Montecarlo to San Miniato and its Friederick’s tower.

This is the place where we live and where we have started our experience as farmers, since our jobs are in very different sectors. We farm for passion, and we do aim to transform our passion into a quality product.

We have started our adventure managing the olive grove and making oil already in 1992. The farm will be established formally in 2000.

We have been receiving some awards and recognitions in olive oil contests since 2009; this has strengthened our passion and our effort to achieve even higher quality levels.

We also have some fruit trees scattered in the Podere (cherry-trees, plum trees, peach trees, apricot trees, apple trees, walnuts, figs, medlar trees, service trees, jujube trees, strawberry trees, …) and a wonderful and scented Mediterranean scrub (rosemary, myrtle, lavender, …) surrounding our wood.