“Tuscany” is “the olive oil”. So it is for its story and its hills. So it is surely not for the quantities produced rather for the quality and tipicality of the Tuscan product. The Tuscan countryside shows proudly its olive trees since centuries and centuries, be them on the gentle hills or the terracings of the Montalbano hill. Olive tree as “Genius Loci”.

Tuscany without olive trees is something “unthinkable”; it is really impossible to imagine the Montalbano hill without its olive trees. That’s why the devastating frost of January1985 has changed the panorama of our hills for decades.

The Montalbano hill divides the plain of Pistoia-Prato-Firenze from Valdinievole, Montecatini Terme, Padule of Fucecchio Marshlands, Empoli. The Southern-Western area looks towards the Tyrrhenian Sea and its climate benefits from the sea influence.

The area has also a strategic position for visiting both the Tuscan art cities and the small villages on the Leonardo da Vinci hills or the natural beauties of the Montalbano area and the Padule of Fucecchio Marshlands.

If you are going to visit us to taste our oil or to stay in our Fienile (hayloft) we have completed to refurbish, you will be a stone’s throw away from the Montalbano paths or the protected fauna of the Padule, full of herons and storks. By the way, also our Podere is full of hawks, buzzards, bee eaters, hoopoes.

When you will stay at our Fienile, we will give you all information about what the territory can offer, so to make your stay really full of experiences to remember.

To book your experiential – and relaxing – stay at our Fienile, go to our webpage Hospitality.


Sentieri del Montalbano e fauna del Padule