Producers of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Tuscany

Our olive trees are mostly century-old, with some substitutions made in the latest years.

We have always paid attention to the environment and to the quality of our olives, and our agronomic practices follow such attention.

On July 20th 2019 we have obtained the Organic Certification: IT BIO 007 J53E.

We don’t follow calendar for treatments, rather we treat the trees only when it is really necessary. In fact, even though we use only natural products, we aim not to “overload” the trees, otherwise the residues will be then found in the olive oil.

We take care of our trees in any possible way. We don’t use herbicides, rather we cut the grass when it grows; the weed control is made through green manure, that also allows to fertilize the terrain naturally.

Furthermore seeding leguminous plants helps increasing the soil fertility and the stability of the eco system of the olive grove thanks to a higher microbial and enzymatic biodiversity.

The result of such attention is olive oils with a higher quantity of polyphenols and the protection of the soil from erosion on our hills.

The harvest time is not set by the calendar, rather by the “right” degree of olives maturation, and such degree always depends on the type of olive oil we aim to make.